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I'm asking for this because I like to surprise people who seem super cool by doing spontaneous mini-coaching sessions via text message. We will NEVER call you unless you want us to, and we would NEVER give this number to anyone else.
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A course, you say? Cool! What sort of course are you looking for?

Cool! Hiring a coach to help set up your funnel is a GREAT way to make sure you don't waste money on "trial and error" strategies that rarely work the way you want them to.

Can you tell me a little bit about what you sell, and what you're hoping to accomplish?
Awesome! Troubleshooting a funnel is one of my favorite things to do! Can you tell me a little bit about what you've done so far?

Helpful stuff to know would be what sort of funnel it is, what you're trying to sell, how much you've spent on ads, even a link to some of your pages if you're up for sharing them.
Sweet! I open up spots for "done for you" marketing clients on a very limited basis, but it has to be a person/product I really like and believe in. So tell me about you!

What do you sell? What's your vision? What have you done to grow your business thus far? What marketing services are you looking for-- something specific or ALL THE THINGS?
Groovy like a drive-in movie! One last question... what would you estimate is your average customer lifetime value? *

In other words, how much would you be willing to spend to get ONE new customer? OR in OTHER words, about how much do you think your ideal customer would spend across the lifetime of their relationship with you?

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